Our Value

What We Offer

We proactively support members in navigating the healthcare system so they can get the care they need from high-quality providers, while reducing the total cost of care for employers.

We believe in providing excellent customer service. Our approach to member engagement is highly personalized to the individual and their needs. Our team provides concierge level support to the member and their families ensuring that we go above and beyond to assist and support.

We believe members deserve to receive care that is affordable, effective, and safe. Our team engages members and their families in understanding their illness and decision-making empowering them to make informed choices about their care.

We create seamless partnerships, linking our services, healthcare providers and vendor organizations into a unified experience for our clients.

We treat our member as we would our own family. Our team is sensitive to the needs our members and ensure we engage in a manner that is personalized, collaborative and respectful.

Our approach to care is holistic therefore we partner with providers, specialist, and community organizations to provide insights and solutions for challenging situations our members experience. We connect our members to resources and care they need to manage their conditions and stay healthy.

We partner with brokers to support their sales needs. Our goal is to make our broker partners look like heroes in the eyes of their clients.

Our Products

Case Management

Behavioral (2023)

Oncology (2023)



A Friendly Team with an Open-Door PolicyLearn more about what we can do from our VP of Clinical Operations.
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A Friendly Team with an Open-Door Policy

Learn more about what we can do from our VP of Clinical Operations.

How It Works

Our Care Management Process


Member Enrollment

We assign members a dedicated, high-touch nurse and align on the best form of communication using our advanced omni channel chat tool.


Care Assessment

We complete a comprehensive assessment with members to understand their specific condition and social determinants of health.


Care Plan & Goals

We design a customized plan focused on addressing the member’s condition and establish SMART goals to hold ourselves accountable.


Intervention & Support

We help members book appointments, understand the proper avenues of care, and navigate their journey with their own interdisciplinary team.


Progress Tracking

We re-evaluate plans to identify barriers and ensure progress and develop reports to reflect improvements in member health.