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Flexible Spending Account

We offer a flexible spending account (FSA) where you may contribute pre-tax dollars to your health care costs.

With an FSA, you may pay for prescriptions, dental appointments, disability treatments, and many other medical expenses using pre-tax dollars. This not only ensures you are allocating funds dedicated to your own health, but you are also saving money by reducing your taxable income. FSAs do have a use-it-or-lose-it policy, but there are carry-over amounts and grace period extensions depending on the account. Contact us for more information on our offerings.


While carriers have stringent rules on which medical expenses are covered, FSA plans give patients the power to evaluate and select their care options and manage their own budget.


With pre-tax dollars, employees save on their medical expenses. Even if not all funds are used by the end of the year, overall savings can be achieved via reduced income tax.


Your employees have access to our concierge care team. We’re here to help them manage every aspect of their healthcare journey, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.

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Flexible Treatment Options

Debilitating chronic disease is already enough of a burden, we find the best care solution to meet each member’s needs.