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Minimum Essential Coverage

Point C offers plans that meet all the minimum essential coverage (MEC) requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) avoiding any potential penalties of a non-compliant benefit plan.

Allow employees healthcare options so they can choose the plan that best meets both their healthcare needs and budget limitations.

These plans focus on essential benefits only and should not be confused with a more robust traditional self-funded plan. They are designed for those employers who wish to be compliant with the ACA but have real budget constraints.

Lowest Cost

MEC plans offer the least expensive option for employers to give their employees access to healthcare options.

Flexibility of Plan Options

Employers can offer their employees a base level plan co-funded by the company and a range of add-on options employees can opt into as desired.

Transparency and Flexibility

Monthly statements offer you transparency into the performance of your plan so you can have the confidence that your funds are well-managed.

Risk Management

Unlike a fully insured plan, overages are possible. Stop Loss will help you mitigate risk and manage any unexpected claims.


Your employee population is unique. We can help you customize your plan to your particular population needs.

Concierge Care

Your employees have access to our concierge care team. We’re here to help them manage every aspect of their healthcare journey, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.

Case Study

Flexible Treatment Options

Debilitating chronic disease is already enough of a burden, we find the best care solution to meet each member’s needs.